Data Center Products

NOVA™ product suite is for automation and control of Security and Compliance of physical and virtual resources in Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructures.

SRA OSS launched NOVA™ line of premium Data Center products through its strategic investment in CAVIRIN Systems,Inc. Cavirin niche offers Data Center and Cloud Computing solutions. NOVA™ provides a single, unified, real time view of the configuration state of the infrastructure.

NOVA™ Advantage Services suite for Data Centers

SRA OSS offers NOVA™ Advantage services suite which are customized services for NOVA™ line of Products. These services leverage NOVA's automation and control features for security and compliance in Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure. The NOVA™ Advantage services cover the life cycle of services for operations, security and compliance enforcements for Enterprise & Managed Services Provider customers.

The NOVA™ Advantage Services offering include the following specialized services around the NOVA™ line of products
  • Assessment Services: Leverage the Auto-discovery feature of NOVA™ and provide a baseline profile of all physical and virtual resources and their configuration in the data center's physical and virtual infrastructure of the customer.
  • Security & Compliance Services: Helps establish the Risk profile by determining compliance with specific Regulatory policies such as PCI, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA etc. These services cover the monitoring, audit and remediation phase of compliance of physical and virtual resources.
  • Cloud Services: Cloud services provide for virtualization and cloud migration of business services while maintaining security, mitigating risks and minimizing costs
  • Integration Services: Provide a mechanism for bilateral exchange of data between NOVA™ and other platforms and systems such as ITIL systems & processes and IT Services such as LDAP, SBR.
  • Analytical & Reporting Services:Provide custom reports based on mining data in the NOVA™ repository.
  • Virtual Advantage Services: Involve assessing the current Server deployment from the Auto-Discovery data and then identify the resources for virtualization. These services assist the customers in realizing the full value of virtualization solutions.