Toru Kashima
President of SRA Holdings, Inc.

Mr.Toru Kashima is President of SRA Holdings, Inc. which has 14 subsidiaries globally including US, Europe and Asia. Born in 1952, Mr. Kashima graduated from the University of Tokyo (Law Faculty) and started his career at the Japanese National Railways. He then got his Masters degree in Applied Economics at University of Michigan in 1981, and joined SRA in 1984. He worked diligently at SRA and formed several overseas subsidiaries, one in New York (US) in 1984 another in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 1991 and yet another one in Bangalore (India) in 2001 . Mr. Toru Kashima has played a significant role to expand the business and operations of SRA globally. Finally in 2003 he became the president and CEO of SRA,Inc. In this new global role he has been successfully promoting the growth of SRA leveraging it’s technical excellence in computer software and it's global reach.