Toru Kashima
Chairman and CEO of SRA OSS Inc.

Mr.Toru Kashima is the President and CEO of SRA Inc. which has 14 subsidiaries globally including US, Europe and Asia. Born in 1952, Mr. Kashima graduated from the University of Tokyo (Law Faculty) and started his career at the Japanese National Railways. He then got his Masters degree in Applied Economics at University of Michigan in 1981, and joined SRA in 1984. He worked diligently at SRA and formed several overseas subsidiaries, one in New York (US) in 1984 another in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 1991 and yet another one in Bangalore (India) in 2001 . Mr. Toru Kashima has played a significant role to expand the business and operations of SRA globally. Finally in 2003 he became the president and CEO of SRA,Inc. In this new global role he has been successfully promoting the growth of SRA leveraging it’s technical excellence in computer software and it's global reach.

Dr. Rao Papolu

Dr. Rao Papolu is the President of SRA OSS Inc. the newly launched subsidiary of SRA Inc.(Japan). Till recently Dr. Rao has been the Vice President of SRA America,Inc. and has been in this position since February 2001. In the past he has held prominent positions as Country Manager for EMRC Japan as well as General Manager of Moldflow and has successfully managed their channel partners and distributors such as ISI Dentsu, Bosch, Kubota Graphics and IBM Japan. Dr. Rao brings with him a wealth of technology and business experience in his career span of 24 years of which 14 years were spent in Tokyo (Japan). He has been at leading positions in the manufacturing and financial services industry with companies such as Lehman Brothers (Asia Securities), JP Morgan and it's Derivatives spin-off, Cygnify as Vice President, and has also helped several leading customers such as Epson, Honda, Ricoh and Fuji Film. Dr. Rao is on the Board of Directors at Proxim Wireless. Proxim Wireless (NASDAQ: PRXM) is a global pioneer in scalable broadband wireless networking systems, including WiMAX, Mesh and Wifi, for communities, enterprises, governments and service providers. Dr. Rao received his Doctorate degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. Subsequently, he served with leading Indian research and development institutes. Dr. Rao has published 25 research publications in various international journals. He has also been a visiting scientist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor as well as the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), Japan.

Tatsuo Ishii
Vice President

Mr.Tatsuo Ishii is the Vice President of SRA OSS, Inc. and General Manager of Tokyo branch office. Mr.Ishii has been very closely involved with the Open Source technology domain particularly PostgreSQL –The most advanced open source database in the world. He is the founder of the Japan PostgreSQL Users Group (JPUG)-the largest PostgreSQL community in Japan. Mr.Ishii joined SRA,Inc. in 1984 and was subsequently transferred in 1991 to Honolulu Research Institute, University of Hawaii as a research engineer working on Open Source technologies. Since then he has been focused on Open Source technologies particularly PostgreSQL-the popular open source database and has been an active member of it’s community and made valuable contributions Mr. Ishii is a core member of SRA OSS Inc. strategic technology division and decides the direction and provides guidance on Open Source initiatives( products and services) within the company.